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Set Reviews

  • Disco Matt's Club/Bar/Events Reviews - Hustlaball London (May 2009)

    "...Looking across to the D.J. booth, we spotted Phil Hewson, busy laying down some incredibly uplifting funky, chunky & tough tainted tunes that had us captivated from the moment we made our entry. His set proving a real highlight of our evening, indeed of our weekend."

  • Disco Matt's Club/Bar/Events Reviews - Lovechild London (December 2009)

    "...Phil Hewson continued to deliver some sumptuous sounds to well & truly delight. This D.J. talent certainly knows how to pump energy into the events that he plays at, getting people really enthralled with his musical choices & having been in the thick of it for his amazing set at Hustlaball, it seemed he was doing it again, brilliant!"

  • Disco Mat's Music is the Answer - Little Lights of Love (June 2010)

    Disco Matt reviews and recommends the latest music mixes by some of the scene's biggest D.J. talents, as well as up-coming stars and more mainstream names, which include bio's of D.J.'s careers, current & future activity, as well as providing direct links to downloads or stream options.